Gift Wrapping for Shark Tank Contestant, Julie Kalimian of SkinnyShirt

Posted by Paula, Owner & Certified Gift Basket Designer on Apr 4th 2017

Gift Wrapping for Shark Tank Contestant, Julie Kalimian of SkinnyShirt

I was recently introduced to Julie Kalimian, founder of SkinnyShirt, at a friend's dinner party. We quickly got to talking about our businesses and I learned that SkinnyShirts were a dream come true for women like me, who like to look professional and stay fresh looking all day, whether we're busy working at the office or we're at home, running around with our kids. I also learned that she had been a Shark Tank contestant. Of course, when I got home from our evening, I checked out the episode she was on and was even more impressed with her and how she coolly handled herself in front of the Sharks!

A few weeks later, Julie contacted me about a public relations campaign she was working on. She planned to ship samples of her products and marketing materials to a few media industry giants in New York City and she wanted to make a fabulous impression on them! After some initial discussion about her preferences, we decided on a black embossed box to house her Spring line of clothing. I had just the thing for her.

Julie also wanted to provide a sweet treat for her gift recipients so we designed a silver tin filled with fresh gummy bears and branded it with the SkinnyShirt logo. The silver metal container we used has an upscale, modern vibe to it, much like Julie's clothing line. Adding her logo gives a subtle, extra boost to her marketing efforts.

SkinnyShirt's product samples, catalog, candy and marketing material were placed inside the box with coordinating black tissue.

We added a silver embossed label to hold the tissue closed and give it a polished look when the lid was opened. Details matter!

In the gift industry, the bow on a wrapped gift is often thought of as the icing on the cake. Using a black satin ribbon, we designed a wide, clean cut ribbon with the SkinnyShirt logo repeating throughout in white. The SkinnyShirt logo looks sensational in a bold size. Go big or go home!

Even the underside of the box was given a professional look. No bumpy bottoms on our ribboned gift boxes!

We love how this corporate gift turned out with a classic, professional look both inside and out to match the aesthetic of the products! With a thoughtful presentation, SkinnyShirt's materials and product samples will be sure to get even more recognition from industry tastemakers and style influencers.

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