I first began to understand the relationship between gifting and serving people while volunteering as a teenage candystriper at a Long Island, New York hospital. My job was to load up the gift shop's mobile cart and visit all the patients and their families. I offered them candy, magazines, balloons, toiletries and other items that would make their hospital stay either a bit brighter or more comfortable. People would look up from their beds, grateful to have a distraction, a treat or someone to chat with for a few moments. Visitors and relatives were happy to have the opportunity to give the patient a small gift they could enjoy or focus on. Watching how people responded to both giving and receiving, I knew then that volunteering within my community would be an important part of my life.

Whether I'm advocating for people with hearing loss (like I have) or participating in fundraisers for causes I believe in, my life has been greatly enriched by all the people with whom I interact and have developed relationships with. In 2014 I decided to start a business where relationship building would be the core focus. Thus began Favorite Gift Baskets and Favorite Gifts, our corporate gifts division.

At my company, we work with individuals, small businesses and large corporate clients and everyone is treated equally. Our clients trust that we will handle their personal and corporate gifting needs with acute attention to detail, top quality and utmost professionalism. Handwritten notes, printed ribbon, custom designs and unique containers are hallmarks of our company. Each year, we travel and network extensively with the goal to bring fresh, new ideas and products to market.

I am proud of the business I have built and I've never forgotten that my primary purpose is to serve. I hope to have the opportunity to help you soon. Please give me a ring at (516) 200-5160 so we can chat, or drop me a note at hello@favoritegiftbaskets.com!

Paula Rosenthal, President & Certified Gift Designer

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